Rules and Decipline

Rules and Decipline

  • The college attaches great importance to discipline and the same must be scrupulously observed by all students. Failure to comply with any of the rules, regulations or requirements notified from time to time will lead to strict disciplinary action.
  •  Students must attend lectures, tutorials or seminars according to the time Table on all working days of the college. They should not remain absent without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Students must not attend classes other than their own.
  • Students must not loiter in the college premises during class hours.
  •  Smoking, tobacco chewing, Drugs etc. are strictly prohibited in the college premises.
  • No student is allowed to conduct political activities within the college premises.
  •  No student should communicate any information to the press or write any matter concerning the college without the prior permission and approval of the Principal.
  • If for any reason the continuance of students is the opinion of the Principal detrimental to the interest of the college, the Principal may ask him to leave the college without assigning any reason for his decision.
  • Disturbance during lectures is strictly forbidden
  • Students must not tamper with electrical fittings of the college as such an act may prove fatal
  • Students must take proper care of all college property. No damage should be done to the property of the college such as disfiguring walls, doors, windows, electrical fittings or breaking of the furniture. Anyone violating the law will be fined and dealt with strictly.
  • Disobedience, misconduct, misbehavior or failure to comply with any one more of the rules, regulation or requirements notified from time to time will result in heavy fine, loss of terms or any other disciplinary action.


  • Science students must handle the apparatus carefully. Any damage done to the equipments will be assessed by the professor incharge and the students will have to pay the full amount for its replacements.
  • Students must appear for terminal or preliminary exmination held by the college. Those students who remain absent for the said examinations with out prior permission of the Principal will not be eligible to fill examination forms. Their forms will not be sent to the University.
  • Strict discipline must be maintained at the time of the college elections, functions and programmes.
  • Matters not covered by the existing rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal.
  • No outsiders is permitted in the college building. No students should be found taking to outsiders.
  • Students requiring the principal’s signature an any kind of documents should apply or contact office of the college




  • Students are advised to attend all lectures, Practical and tutorials regularly. Absence from a single lecture will be considered as the absence for the whole day. 
  • Ordinance copy -.125 fr.Page 14 the following shall be the minimum attendance for keeping terms.

 Arts, Science & Commerce – First terms / second terms – 75 % of the days on which lectures are delivered and practical, tutorials conducted in each term



            The Identity card is meant for identifying Bonafide students and is used for permitting the students to participate in college activities and programmes. The identity Card must be produced by the students whenever demanded by a member of the teaching or non teaching staff of the college. In case it is lost, the matter must be immediately reported to the office so that a duplicate identity card may be issued on payment of an additional charge. The identity card must be displayed on the person by hanging it around the neck with the I card held as long as students are in the college premises