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About Department

                               The department of philosophy in Goveli College came into existence in 2004. Dr. M. S. Kurhade an eminent scholar, research guide,dean  of Arts faculty Mumbai University and Principal  D.T.S.S  Malad College , Malad is credited for laying the foundation and inaugurating this Department . Prof. Walimbe as  a founder member of the department contributed a lot for the subject and department .    

In one general sense, philosophy is associated with wisdom, intellectual culture and a search for knowledge.Literal meaning of Philosophy is “love for wisdom”. The word philosophy is a combination of two words ‘philo’ and ‘sophia’ ,’philo’  in the sense ‘love’ and ‘sophia’ means Knowledge. Thus philosophy means love for knowledge. Philosophy is also known as mother of all sciences . Philosophy  is an intellectual enterprise. It is analytical and investigative in nature . It is exclamatory. 


The scope of philosophy keeps on increasing or expanding . It can not  be completely specified, but the core  areas of philosophy can be included.

  These  are:-

         1. Metaphysics 2. Epistemology 3. Ethics 4. Aesthetics 5.Logic 6. Theology

And the extensive list will be quite long . Infact philosophy deals with all the branches of thoughts.  


  • The mission of the department is to examine , explore and advance our understanding of the  world and our place  within it through innovative research , teaching and service, to provide students the spirit of questioning  and inquiry.

  • To make student to deepen their  understanding of the ethical dimension of their decision making and learn to live an examined life.

  • To make student to think critically .

  • To prepare them for criticizing education,religion,politics etc.

  • To understand philosophy and to prepare student for making philosophical atmosphere in department and society.


  • The department of philosophy conducted varied of activities. The department has established, ‘Tattvadnyan  Vicharmauch’  for  Spreding philosophy out of department.An actvist philosopher  Dr. S. G. Nigal , Philosophy department Mumbai University has given this innovative  idia.
  • Department has conducted many programmes under the same.Swami  Vivekananda Jayanti and Jijau jayanti , Gita Jayanti are the striking  programmes of the department.
  • Department  has organized state level conference named ‘Maharashtra  Tatwadnyan Parishad’ in 2013 . Recently from academic year 2018 -2019 one more event is being a part of  departmental activity - 'Parisamvad' (Symposium).
  • The department also conducts various co-curricular and extra curricular activities such as elocution, symposium,essay writting,competition, debate etc.
  • The faculties and students of the department participate various Conferences, Seminars & Workshops and present their paper for the same.
  • The department also arranges visits related to subject viz.Vippashana  center,Yoga centre