B.Sc - IT

About Department

                       The Department of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology was established in the year 2009 and intake of First year, Second Year and Third year is 60. Information technology is a growing field that offers relatively secure positions for those with solid technical skills and at least a bachelors Science & bachelors degree in an IT-related field. The majority of career tracks in IT entail design and operational tasks related to computer hardware components, networks and software applications. Professionals in the IT field work with businesses and organizations to set up and support viable computer networks that will keep systems efficient and reliable. IT encompasses all hardware and software used in the storing, creation and accessing of information. Examples of technologies that professionals work with are firewalls, databases, media storage devices, networks and the Internet. Through Bachelor of Information Technology students can choose field such as Networking,Database,Web Designing,Web developer,Tester,Project Manager.


1asst.prof. Ghare Pravin N.MSc IT (Mumbai Univ.)
2asst.prof. Tare Vaibhav P.
MCA (Mumbai Univ.)

3asst.prof. Gurav Chinmay D.MSc IT (Mumbai Univ.)

4asst.prof. Vekhande Pooja
MCA (Mumbai Univ.)


                   IT Department has formed an IT Club on the academic year 2016-2017. We had organized IT club inauguration on 23rd July 2016, Saturday for conducting the different activities throughout the year. We have selected 18 students as a members of the IT Club. 


  •  IT Club has organizing Seminar on Technical Topics.
  •  PPT Presentation has been conducted for the students related to their subject through which they can also gain some confidence ,loss stage fear  and also develop their personality skills.
  •  Conducting workshop in which they gain practical as well as theory knowledge.
  • Competition for students like Tech Quiz competition, Bugs find, Debate, Group Discussion.
  • We maintain IT lab for Performing Programming Practicals like C,C++,Java,Dot Net.
  • We provide Database management practicals like SQL.
  • Their is also an Project for Last Year related on Latest Platform.
  • We also conduct Industrial Visit for Students in which they visit an IT Company.
  • We also conduct Parents meeting for showing Students Performance. 


  • Students Should gain knowledge of Theory as well as Practicals through which they can face the outside world.
  • We focus on students Personal Communication skills.
  • To make students more competitive in the workforce.
  • To enhance ability and confidence of the students by providing qualitative education.
  • To provide best in their Professional Fields.Our College not only focus on Co-Curricular but also on Extra Curricular activities.




Imperative Programming

Digital Electronics

Operating Systems

Discrete Mathematics

Communication Skills


Python Programming

Data Structures

Computer Networks

Database Management Systems

Applied Mathematics


Software Project Management

Internet of Things

Advanced Web Programming

Enterprise Java

Linux System Administration


Object oriented Programming

Microprocessor Architecture

Web Programming

Numerical and Statistical Methods

Green Computing


Core Java

Introduction to Embedded Systems

Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques

Software Engineering

Computer Graphics and Animation


Software Quality Assurance

Security in Computing

Business Intelligence

Principles of Geographic Information Systems

Cyber Laws


F.Y.B.Sc.IT: http://mu.ac.in/portal/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/4.76-FYBScIT-Syllabus-2016-17.pdf

S.Y.B.Sc.IT: http://mu.ac.in/portal/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/4.233-S.Y.B.Sc_.-Information-Technology.pdf

T.Y.B.Sc.IT: http://muresults.net/itacademic/syllabus/4.49TYBScIT.pdf