Sr. College - Arts - English

About Department


        The English department has been running actively since the establishment of JSSPs Arts, Commerce & Science college, Goveli.

The department is begun with the object in order to strengthen the students of semi-urban, far flung & outer part of Mumbai city.

It aims to enlighten the various abilities among students. To acquire knowledge of English language, to diagnose the weakness of speaking and writing English, to compare and illustrate linguistic components, to classify the elements of English language, to understand the meaning of prose, poetry, story and drama by reading. The English department is focused on attentively rural students & their unheard spoken skill. 


  • Inauguration of English Literary Association
  • Introduction Day was held by department for the T.Y.B.A English
  • Essay Writing, Poetry Reading competitions and Elocution
  • Celebrationg Birth anniversary of well know English literary like John Donne, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, P.B.Shelle and many more.
  • English department try to develop the language skills and literary skills among the students.