Best Practice

Best practice no :1 

Title : Students development through curricular, co- curricular and extra curricular activities

 Introduction :

Education , in todays world, has become part of our basic need in order to live a good life. And that is why it has become the need of the hour.  The government of India has from time to time taken steps towards empowerment of future generations through giving basic and primary education to children The need of the hour for global competency is Higher education. It has evidently been found that students of Kalyan and nearby rural areas were deprived of higher education because of lack of transportation and other factors.


Jeevandeep Shaikshanik Shanstha Poi was established with the prime motif to bring students from rural areas into the flow of higher education. The institution was established in 2004 with commencement of BA , BCom and BSc Programmes initially.


The departments function in order to achieve  excellence through various competitions, events and programs that are curricular, extra curricular and co-curricular activities The sports department has given many of our students the opportunity to present themselves at district, state and national level competitions, oftentimes winning medals. Some of the students from the Sports department have gotten government jobs through sports quota.


The department of languages like Marathi, English and Hindi conduct various Events, activities and courses like Marathi Literary Association, Poetry competitions, role plays for dramas , communication skills development program exhibiting the proper glimpse into the respective departments.

 Evidence of success-

The activities, events and different programs run by various departments in the institution has caused a great impact on the lives of the students and it can be seen when looking at the success our students have achieved in the sports, cultural and other paths of life.


Best Practice 2

Title: Sports  development


Jeevandeep Shaikshanik Sanstha Poi established Arts Commerce and Science at Goveli with the prime objective to give students opportunity for higher education and to transform lives through the means of higher education. The institution opened the doors for the economically backward students in the nearby rural areas who were deprived of higher education.


In the nearby areas of Goveli, the citizens face the same challenges with electricity, water resources, transportation, agriculture ,employment and a lot more . The lifestyle of these rural people is such that it demands from them to walk miles for basic things like water and primary or secondary education due to the lack of transportation. These students and young children grown into the arms of mother nature are hence naturally inclined towards activities like swimming, carrying weights , running and  lot more .

Problem encountered:

The institute in its inception had to face a lot of challenges when it came to actually bringing the students on the ground. Most of the students are from economically weak backgrounds and hence it was a challenging task for the institution to work out everything including expenses for the proper diet.  To overcome these obstacles and hurdles, our sports teachers acquired sponsorships from  persons who generously offered the kind help .


The institution has evidently been successful in managing the obstacles . Most importantly, many female athletes are now being trained for future competitions and the institution takes pride in that. Dealing with the mentality of parents who preferred not allowing female students to opt for sports was challenging. The parents who initially hesitated were convinced of how it was life-changing to train their daughters for a sport that could lead to financial freedom and development in all aspects of life. 

Evidence of success:

One of the biggest challenges for the institution and sports department primarily was to create a positive outlook in the minds of parents and students. The institution overcame finding its own way through the long hurdles like convincing the parents of female students to choose sports as a career.