Sr. College - Arts - Geography

About Department

               Jeevandeep College, Goveli was established in 2004. Right since then, our college and Geography dept. is keen on development and growth of the students. We have a faculty to teach Geography up to graduation level with separate laboratory where in we have made available all the required equipment’s and computers for the students.

We have qualified lecturers to provide all kind of guidance and a versatile library to help students in their academic curriculum.

The major objective of Department of Geography. To develop ability of rural areas students at all level and uplifting humanities consensus. Department is working successfully is every field and M.A. in Geography sterting in 2011-2012. M.A. in Geography Result is very nice . M.A. in Geography various opportunities and there by the student can face the comptative exam.

Department focus mainly to  give student better education as well as plat form to develop inner talent & skill the department tools various activity to improve the performance students in  various field i.e. GIS, GPS, R.S.etc.


  • As per the curriculum we cover topics like geology, Oceanology, geography of India, environmental geography, social geography, economic geography disaster management etc... This help student in gaining in depth knowledge of the subject, and this in turn makes various career opportunities available to them in various fields connected to geography.
  • We also give exposure to practical aspects of the studies to the students like, making maps on the computer, doing survey, handling different software’s and effective applications of them. This help student in developing the professional skills to handle the newest technology in the market and thereby making them available various job opportunities.
  • Apart from this we also provide guidance and train students for the competitive exams.


  • To develop a vision around the subject of geography in the
  • To develop a curious attitude in the students
  • Exposing students to various geographical tools and equipment’s and up skilling them in handling the
  • To create an awareness in the students regarding protection and conservation of the environment
  • To bring the modern geographical technology to the reach of the students especially in the rural areas and create an environment to equip students with the professional job oriented
  • Spreading awareness and sharing information to the rural youth regarding the job opportunities in the field of Geography.


  • To train and up skill students on handling various geographical tools and equipment’s.
  • To arrange special guidance seminars for the students.
  • Presentation of information about the things happening around the world of geography in various
  • Arranging periodic excursions, surveys ..
  • To plan and execute various activities around the subject like, celebrating environment day, Geography day, question-answer sessions ..

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