About WDC:

The Women Development Cell was established in the University of Mumbai in the year 2001. It was done by the then hon. Vice Chancellor of the University. The establishment of the WDC is indeed a landmark achievement of the university in pursuance of the policies of women empowerment within the university ambit. The aim is to build a gender sensitive campus. The University has set up the UWDC to address concerns of gender discrimination and recommend measures and policies for gender parity at the University. After the Sexual Harassment Act of 2013 and the UGC Guidelines of 2015, the University has set up the Campus Internal Committee to address complaints of Sexual Harassment. Further, the University has directed all its colleges/institutions to set up College Internal Committees. The University as per the Maharashtra Public Universities Act is preparing a comprehensive Ordinance for Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.

The aim and objective of the UWDC is to prevent sexual harassment at workplace (colleges and university campuses) and to promote general wellbeing of female students teaching and non-teaching women staff on the university and colleges. The cell is also responsible to undertake the awareness programmes on gender sensitization, women rights and women empowerment in university campuses and colleges. 

The Vice Chancellor Hon. Prof. Suhas Pednekar is the ex-officio president of the WDC. The Chairperson of WDC is Dr. Gita Chadha and the secretary is Dr. Meher Bhoot.

Asst.Prof. J.P DeshmukhConvener
Asst.Prof. S.S KambleMember
Asst.Prof. S.R Wasvani
Asst.Prof. Ranjana Prasanna
Asst.Prof. H.B Bhoir

One Day Legal Literacy Workshop,jointly organized by Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan and Jeevandeep College Goveli.
Savitri Bai Phule Janm Divas & Balika Divas
Physical & Mental Examination of Departmental Teaching & Non Teaching Staff.
Counseling and Guidance for Girls.